Donkey Salt


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Docho Island’s Premium Salt “Donkey” Salt.

Donkeys have been used as pack animals for over 5000 years and still are. Aesop’s Fables also features a story about a donkey that becomes too smart for its own good and a heavy load of salt.  We chose the name, “Donkey”, in recognition of its long tradition of transporting arguably the most important mineral on earth. Our salt is produced using age old, traditional practices; a completely natural process from start to finish.  Our commitment is for our salt to be as natural, pure and mineral rich as the salt transported by donkeys for thousands of years.


The Exclusive Qualities of “Donkey” salt

“Donkey” salt is uniquely cultivated from the top-grade salt pan of Docho Island, the most popular salt pan of Sinan-gun, known for its mineral rich marshes and pristine waters.

Unlike other salt pans which use black linoleum as a base layer, producing harmful chemicals that can leach into the salt crystals, “Donkey” salt crystals have formed on red clay tiles for over 40 years thus ensuring the unique flavour and characteristic of premium fleur de sel.


Natural Drying Process

In keeping with the deep rooted tradition, the salt crystals are dried naturally over a period of 3 to 5 years.



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