Navigating the road to Camp Howdy

To our friends and guests,

We would like to bring your attention to the current situation regarding a section of unpaved road when accessing our site. The last 1.3km leading in is a service road which is shared by parks staff, local residents and Camp Howdy.

This road is gravel, unpaved and cuts through a forest. Certain sections will narrow to allow for single lane traffic only, and there are a few bends in the road which prevent clear line of sight.

The best way to safely navigate the road is to limit your speed to under 20 km/h, and more slowly when going around bends.

Please understand there may be certain risks involved in using this road. We would ask that you weigh the risks and make an informed decision on whether or not to drive in. Any and all associated risk, including damages and or injury, will be assumed by the party utilizing the road. Thank you for your understanding.
Park Full/Gate Closures

We share an entrance off the main road (Bedwell Bay Rd) with White Pine Beach.
As such, during peak times the gates will close to the public. Unfortunately, this is a situation beyond our control.

On site dining and picnic options will not be available when the park entrance is closed.If the gate is closed on a day when you have ordered online, we will make arrangements to get your order to you.

For questions regarding your order, please call: 778-955-6880
Wildlife/Pet Policy
We share our site with many wild animals for whom the surrounding wilderness is home. 
As such, please refrain from feeding and or interacting with all wild animals in any capacity.
Only service dogs are permitted on-site, as Belcarra and vicinity has had issues with cougars targeting small pets.