Mid Spring
Mid Spring
Wild Orchard Green Tea

Mid Spring

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Wild Orchard Green Tea

Mid Spring

Brewing Suggestion

*Tea brewing is an art, not a science!  Feel free to experiment with the time, temperature, and amount of leaves to find your perfect cup!

Traditional Green Teas

What Makes Wild Orchard Green Teas Unique?

Organic green tea that is grown on the cleanest of soils revitalizes and restores both mind and body. The refreshing effects of green tea, contrary to the stimulating nature of caffeine in coffee, stem from its vibrant leaves full of life. Just as green tea removes toxins from the body, it may also absorb toxic elements from the soil, which makes it all the more imperative for us to insist on organic green tea.

I. Grown Wild on Jeju Island

Grown wild among weeds for the first decade, Wild Orchard Green tea comes from a 1,000-acre tea plantation on Jeju Island, where the soil is rich in minerals from the native volcanic rocks

II. Handpicked and Washed

Each leaf is handpicked with meticulous care and respect by a team of tea lovers. Then, the tea leaves undergo a thorough washing process upon harvest to remove all dirt and ultrafine particulates.

III. 100% Organically Maintained

USDA and CanTEST certified in 2007, Wild Orchard Green Teas are the cleanest organic green tea available.

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