Organic Green Tea Rounds
Organic Green Tea Rounds

Organic Green Tea Rounds

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These “power” rounds are small pellets of hundreds of green tea leaves pressed together to form a round. A pouch of these rounds contain the equivalent of about 10 cups of green tea. These rounds are not for the novice green tea drinker but for those who appreciate the many benefits and would like to skip the steeping and sipping and go directly to the effects of green tea. As these rounds are very concentrated, please drink enough water throughout the day. 90 pouches containing 12-14 rounds.





Organic green tea that is grown on the cleanest of soils revitalizes and restores both mind and body. The refreshing effects of green tea, contrary to the stimulating nature of caffeine in coffee, stem from its vibrant leaves full of life. Just as green tea removes toxins from the body, it may also absorb toxic elements from the soil, which makes it all the more imperative for us to insist on organic green tea.

Are all organic standards the same?

We can proudly say that Tea of Teas is truly from the highest organic standards.

Cultivated since 1990 using only natural compost as fertilizer to improve soil fertility, Teas of Teas received many national organic and quality certifications.


An inspection team from a USDA-designated certification agency to analyze the area’s water system, wind, soil and other natural elements, resulting in the first 100% organic designation
for a Korean tea plantation in all three categories of crop production,
post-harvest handling and organic products.
Annual certification inspections ensure
that the highest levels of organic standards are maintained.

Tea of Teas,  green tea, underwent testing for residual pesticides
in a test established by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
using 252 testing criteria in 2004 and 268 criteria in 2007,
the results of which certified that zero residual pesticides or
heavy metals were found in our completely pure organic green tea.


Insisting on making the perfect Tea of Teas.


First, our tea leaves are picked by hand.

We make sure that all of leaves are harvested by hand to ensure pollutants
and contaminants are not left on the leaves.
This is not the fastest or the highest-yielding method,
but this is our commitment to making the world’s finest “Tea of Teas”


Second, we ensure that the leaves are completely clean.

The hand-picked tea leaves are washed with water to remove dust and contaminants.
Allowed to remain in the most natural states to retain a deep aroma and rich flavor,
our green tea is the essence of purity that protects our health and wellness.



 This careful preparation naturally results in the best-tasting tea, receiving numerous awards and accolades. 


Gold Winner of the Great Taste Award

In the 2002 Great Taste Award in the United Kingdom,
widely considered to be the “Oscars for the food industry”,
Tea of Teas received the Gold Award in an acknowledgement
of our tea as the finest and safest of teas by the world’s leading tea experts.
In addition, our tea has received top awards in Korean and international tea and food expos.



2002 - UK 'The Guild of fine food retailers Great Taste Awards' Green Tea, The Gold Prize
2012 - USA 'The great taste Awards' Green Tea, The Gold Prize
         - USA 'The great taste Awards' Black Tea, The Gold Prize
2014 The 3rd Bosung Tea Art Festival won a gold prize in the tea making contest
2014 - '7th Korea Tea Competition' Award of excellence in Fermentation Tea
2015 - '8th Korea Tea Competition' Award of gold in green tea
2015 - 'The 3rd Boseong World Tea Championship' Award of bronze statue in Green Tea
2016 - '9th Korea Tea Competition' Award of grand in green tea
2016 - 'The 4rd Boseong World Tea Championship' Award of gold in Green Tea
2017 - '10th Korea Tea Competition' Award of gold in green tea
2017 - '10th Korea Tea Competition' Award of gold in Fermentation Tea
2018 - '4th Tea Blending Championship' The Grand Prize Award
2018 - '6th Boseong World Tea Championship' Grand Prize Award in Green Tea

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