8 Corners Organic Sourdough Bread - Full Size

8 Corners Organic Sourdough Bread - Full Size

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*Pick up day is every Saturday! Our sourdough bread is baked fresh once a week after a 2 day preparation process. Please place your order by Tuesday to be sure to get your fresh baked bread on that Saturday. Any orders placed after Tuesday will default to the following Saturday. 

Pick Up Location : 3000 Camp Howdy Rd, Belcarra, BC (for more details, see our 'Contact Us' page)

Our sourdough bread is made with only three ingredients: organic flour, water, and salt.

There is no need for yeast, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. Our natural sourdough starter (made from organic flour and water) is all that is needed to create the beautiful rise in our bread. Using artisan bread making techniques and allowing plenty of time for our dough to naturally ferment, we bake breads that are not only delicious but healthy for you. We hope you enjoy the deep, complex aroma and sophisticated taste of our bread.

*If you have any questions please call us at 778-955-6880.