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Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop
Sourdough Bread Workshop

Sourdough Bread Workshop

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Next Workshop Date : To be announced..


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    Date: To be announced...
    8:45am - 9:00pm
    Location: Camp Howdy
    3000 Camp Howdy Rd, Belcarra
    (40 min from downtown Vancouver)

       Sourdough as a Lifestyle

      This workshop will challenge you to think about food and health, holistically. As you work through the bread making process, and taste the difference, you will question what you’ve been eating all this time.  

      Our artisan baker will demonstrate every step of the sourdough making process while you bake your very own loaf of sourdough bread to take home.

      Belcarra Sourdough Bread Workshop Artisan Baker

      Workshop Highlights

      • Learn how to live and think a healthy lifestyle
      • Health benefits of sourdough bread, whole and fermented foods
      • Health benefits and science behind fermentation
      • Why only just three ingredients in sourdough vs modern breads
      • What is healthy wheat and what is gluten
      • Why your gut microbiome is so important to your health
      • Understand each step in the process of baking sourdough
      • How to maintain your starter and other uses for your starter
      • Why ‘Saliva’ and real foods are keys to good health


      • A panel of speakers - Listen to the various topics regarding sourdough bread, fermentation and building a framework for living a healthy lifestyle.

      • A limited class size – This will allow instructors to provide individual attention through the steps where necessary.

      • Two exercise sessions  Loosen up with our certified health and fitness instructor

      • Delicious organic meals - Savour the taste of our exclusive 8 Corners Organic open-faced sandwiches with a cup of green tea, soaking in the water view from the Organic Tea Room while you wait for your dough to rise. Lunch, dinner and a tea time will be served in the 8 Corners Organic Tea Room. A light organic breakfast will also be available for those who come early enough. 8 Corners Organic green tea will be served throughout the day.

      Immerse yourself in nature as you discover Camp Howdy, nestled between the mountains and the ocean on the Indian Arm.

      You Will Leave With...

      • Your very own organic sourdough loaf
      • A unique 8 Corners organic sourdough starter
      • A Sourdough Workbook which includes a sourdough recipe, and key points from all the lectures
      • A certificate of completion

      Reserve Your Spot. Limited spots are available.

      Sign Up With a Friend & Get $50 Off per Person!
      Add '2' to Cart and Update. Enter your friend's name and email in the 'Note' section. Create your account. Then at checkout, enter breadworkshop as a discount code.

      *Please let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions in the "Note" section when proceeding to check out. 


      - Every Review is a 5 Star Review -

      Amazing workshop. Very informative and educational. The ratio of hands-on and learning hours is very good. Never boring. Fantastic and knowledgeable staff/educators. I might take this class again.. Thank you!”

      Masayo B.

      Absolutely perfect. Hands down one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Excellent quality and attention to detail. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.”

      Shelley K. 


      This was an amazingly wholistic workshop day! I loved every minute of it! Thank you for taking such good care of us-body, mind and spirit!”

      Christine B.


      It was a wonderfully engaging day packed with fun, good food and many ‘aha’ moments. The workshop was so informative, hands on and beautifully presented. The meals were so delicious and the overall experience was fantastic.”

      Marites K.

      "It’s not just another “bread workshop" You get so much more… All the crucial elements of a healthy lifestyle kneaded into the sessions. The hours might seem long, but it’s very engaging and interactive, so there’s never a dull moment. Overall, I simply loved it!"
      Julie M.

      "An inspiring and unique experience that will show you different ways to look at health – not just a bread workshop! Great investment, you won’t regret!"

       Carly J.

      "Very friendly and well prepared. Very informative, fun, supportive and rewarding experience."

       Jessy G.

       "…opportunity to learn about the important ingredients to improve our lifestyle habits, to live a healthier more productive life. Very informative and well worth the time."
       Sharilyn S.

      "Truly, this was an investment for my health and longevity."
       Anne E. 

      "AMAZING!! It exceeded my expectations! All of the presenters were friendly, knowledgeable and relatable/down to earth. Excited to take my “baby” (loaf) home to share with the family."
       Deborah S.

      Refund and Cancellation policy:
      100% refund for cancellations made up until 1 week before workshop date.

      Cancellations made within 7 days of the workshop date will receive a 50% refund.

      For cancellations, please email us at info@8corners.ca